iCan Entertainment is Taiwan's quality gaming platform, with rich game industry operating experience committed to web, mobile game representation and promotion. We welcome collaborating opportunities from any industries, combining with iCan Entertainment's resources both online and offline to maximize promotional results.

◆ iCan Entertainment Platform:www.icantw.com
◆ iCan Entertainment Enterprise Official Website:www.ican.com.tw
◆ Emperor of the Legend (Web):king.icantw.com
◆ Junior Three Kingdoms (Mobile):ss.icantw.com
◆ League of Angels 2 (Web):mm2.icantw.com
◆ The Furious Wings (Mobile):wings.icantw.com
◆ Thirty-Six Stratagems:God of War (Web):plan.icantw.com
◆ Era of Angels (Mobile):angels.icantw.com
◆ GYAKUTEN OTHELLONIA (Mobile):gon.twwecan.com
◆ Cuisine Dimension (Mobile):cds.icantw.com
◆ Mr. Buddy (Taiwanese Original Mascot):mrbuddy.icantw.com
◆ Z-Girls (Mobile):facebook.com/icantw.zle
◆ Dungeon of Despair (Mobile):facebook.com/icantw.dod
◆ GLORY of CEPHEUS (Mobile):goc.icantw.com
◆ A CHINESE GHOST'S LOVE STORY II (Mobile):ghost2.icantw.com
◆ Chester's Adventure (Mobile):facebook.com/ChestersAdventure
◆ Lumia Saga (Mobile):gmys.icantw.com
◆ Reborn (Mobile):facebook.com/icantw.RE
◆ ReEvolve (Mobile):ori.icantw.com
◆ Liar!Uncover the Truth (Mobile):doubt.icantw.com
◆ kingdoms heroes (Mobile):rxqy.icantw.com
◆ Revelation (Mobile):ty.icantw.com
◆ Alchemy of God&Demon (Mobile):gwld.icantw.com

Types of Collaboration
1.Joint Operation of Games
Collaboration Target:Domestic websites, gaming platforms
E-mail:game@icantw.com (Miss Lai)

2.Marketing, Advertisement & Cross-industry Collaborations
Collaboration Target:Major media platforms, cross-industry partners
E-mail:marketing@icantw.com (Mr. Luo)

3.Game Publishing & Business Collaborations
Collaboration Target:Developers, and IP Vendors
E-mail:business@icantw.com (BD Department)

4.Membership brands collaboration
Collaborating Target:Food industry, Travel industry, Online retailing industry etc.
Contact E-mail: ican_cs@icantw.com (Miss Chen)