ican entertainment represents the renowned web game“League of Angels”,released on Dec.26th,2013!Available in Taiwan, Hong Kong,Macau,Singapore,Malaysia…,etc with supermodel Lin Chi-ling taking place as the spokesperson in Taiwan it received incredible sales and marketing achievements.
“League of Angels”also received the 2014 Yahoo Best Web Game recognition as well as the second place recognition of Game Star International Web Game Representation,with 100 servers and more than 30,000 concurrent users online.
ican entertainment represents the renowned web game “League of Angels”, released on Dec. 26th, 2013! Available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia…,etc with supermodel Lin Chi-ling taking place as the spokesperson in Taiwan it received incredible sales and marketing achievements.
“League of Angels” also received the 2014 Yahoo Best Web Game recognition as well as the second place recognition of Game Star International Web Game Representation, with 100 servers and more than 30,000 concurrent users online.
ican entertainment’s annual mobile game masterpiece was “League of Angels”, made its long awaited release in dual platforms on December 4th, 2014! Supermodel Lin Chi-ling kicked off the popular campaign with two other beautiful models Tia Lee and Catherine Hsu continuing the effort.
“League of Angels” later received an incredible rating of 5 stars and took its place as the second most download free game in both the iOS and Android platforms.
Battle Dragon Corps【Web】2014.09.19
“Battle Dragon Corps” became the first “cute-voiced” RPG game represented by ican entertainment, released on September 19th, 2014!
Popular girl group BY2 was invited as the spokesperson, along with multiple other creative marketing strategies to gain traffic!
Rhythm N Joy【Mobile】2014.07.09
“Rhythm N Joy” became the first mobile game represented by ican entertainment, launched on July 9th, 2014!
Special invitation was given to popular singer Cyndi Wang as well as collaborating with SAMSUNG, a.m.p. headphones, and Hollywood movie Step Up: All In.
Through the collaborations and strategic social media efforts, “Rhythm N Joy” became the most popular mobile game on Google Play in a short period of time.
Knight Saga【Web】2014.04.25
“Knight Saga” Attempted purely online brand marketing, without the help of television commercials. Within the first week it attracted more than ten thousand users.
Heaven Knights【Mobile】2015.12.29
“Heaven Knights” is a genuine, high-quality Korean ARPG mobile game, allowing gamers to summon various types of army to conquer territories and develop exciting stories. Gamers can also team up with friends to begin an epic siege on the various bosses, challenging the ultimate fight at the highest temple. “Heaven Knights” is definitely a masterpiece to end off the year!
East Fantasy【Mobile】2015.09.17
“East Fantasy” is a horizontal version ACT mobile game based on the Chinese mythology launched on September 17th, 2015! Social media curator “Da-da” successfully generated a strong following to create the marketing campaign. “Find Anything At East Fantasy” with hundreds of gods and demons to you back to mythical times, where you will create your own universe in the mist of this ancient world.
“Junior Three Kingdoms” is ican entertainment’s first Japanese RPG game based on the Three Kingdoms, released for dual platform on June 4th, 2015! With special invitation to popular boy band SpeXial as the spokesperson to take on the young gamers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. “Junior Three Kingdoms” received great reviews and affirmation,recognized in September as The Most Recommended Game by Google Play editors and Best RPG game in 2015!
“Emperor of the Legend”is the first of its kind with astounding ink graphic “Three Kingdom” themed SLG game represented by ican entertainmentt released on March 26th, 2015! With special invitation to gifted musical writer Ian Chen as the spokesperson.All new looks, to tackle the other SLG competitions in the market, allowing “Emperor of the Legend”to be recognized as the second place recipient of the 2015 Game Star:Web Game Award as well as the Yahoo Game’s Most Popular Web Game Award.
"Project to Destroy Heaven"is the first aerial combat RPG mobile game.Every combat frame is quite detailed and provided with japan animation style by Unity3D engine in game.
Additionally,the most renowned animation voice actors ,such as Doraemon,Chibi Maruko Chan,Kureyon Shin chan,Mr.crabs in taiwan are invited as dubber for every single character in game to make this game delightful with funny voice-over.
"Immortals Legends"is an east mythology RPG mobile game.With various cool and cute summoned pets, you can experience the most exciting story line and go on an expedition everywhere.By making use of unique combat system to compose the deadly master-stroke in turn and enjoy every single knockout punch.
Additionally, by means of gathering your guild fellow to challenge the final trial of highest sanctuary, you will definitely applaud"Immortals Legends"for its gorgeous performance!
“League of Angels2”is a 3D,turn-based RPG masterpiece web game launched on March 24th,2016!Supermodel Lin Chi-Ling was once again invited as the spokesperson,only a goddess herself can surpass a goddess!
Brand new 3D characters were developed by the creators of world masterpieces “League of Legends” and “World of Warcraft”,with the amazing life-like graphics to ignite the passion to compete endlessly and “League of Angels2”to be recognized as the second place recipient of the 2016 Game Star:Web Game Award.
"Thirty-Six Stratagems:God of War" is a SLG based on the history of Three Kingdoms that is dedicated to strategy game lovers.Come and build your own power with 128 castle towns,and take part in the famous battles in the end of the Han dynasty.
"Dragon Project" is a Japanese hunting mobile RPG. With COLOPL's signature touch control scheme, players can attack, dodge, move and use skills with just one finger. Players can also switch weapons anytime and try hundreds of skill combo according to different combinations of equipment. And don't forget about the multiplayer real-time co-op boss battle!
"The furious wings" is a fantastic 3D RPG mobile game with "Player Kill" contest core feature. Besides, Fancy Guo apply Apple Metal graphics computing technique and 3D engine developed by itself to "The furious wings"
"The furious wings" is composed of abundant instance dungeon,violence aesthetics,exquisite game frame,flashy equipment,powerful pet ,and delicate outfit.Just install “The furious wings” and enjoy "Player Kill" contest with every single knockout punch. Pursue after champion for eternity.
24 hours non-stop wonderful streaming interaction between users and streamers. Serving the latest, hottest entertaining contents and the best chosen streamers.
Japan's ultra-popular instant battle game "GYAKUTEN OTHELLONIA" is a mobile game which based on reversi battle. It is easy to use and combines the cards of the three races of God, Devil and Dragon to create a brand new othellonia fight! Using the skill characteristics of the character chess player, playing Combo serial attack in the game of the game, reversing the battle, becoming the strongest duel king!
The best SLG mobile game "GRAND SERGEANT" has remade the background of the Three Kingdoms and panorama map by the time. Players will profoundly experience the super heroes who have been wisely performed and passionate about war fields."GRAND SERGEANT" makes players not only be the winner in the game but also have a far-reaching impact on their lives. Players would be successful in the workplace, business and relationships through playing the game. We would make you experience the classic SLG game and conquer the new Three Kingdoms.
"Era of Angels" is a 3D fantastic MMOARPG mobile game. Its amazing illusion style and the original big angel gameplay bring you a beautiful audio-visual feast and the greatest operation experience ever!
Fight for the treasures and get fair distribution with your team members! With our free trading system, you can also get rich without any cost! Team up and fight so you can feel the excitement from the arena battle! Transform into angels and reversed the game in just a split second!
"Flowers' whispers" is a romantic dressing up mobile game, players can choose male or female avatar, play as the entrant to join a magical journey and develop various stories with different designing styles in the academy.
Find out the secret power in the stone of flower meaning and the fairy tales of Flower God and Demon Prince.
The first Korean-style romantic mobile game is coming!
"We got married" is a simulation game based on the background of married life.
In the game, the players should help the married couple dealing with events in daily life, and planning your house and company's decoration you want!
With the development of the story, we can meet more and more people on different occasions, and unexpected things will to happen!
The first MMORPG mobile game in the background of Sui and Tang dynasties. With its host-level PBR technology, this game enables next generation movie-level image quality, which provides you a brilliant and beautiful world of Wuxia! "The Glory of Tang Dynasty" perfectly combines the spirit of warrior games – flat-out group battleship with the game. The super skills determine everything! The straightforward strikes of combo skills bring you and your friends a fresher experience!
Let's have a taste of the joy, the gratitude, and the hatred a thousand years ago!
"Yumeiro Cast" is a Japanese Rhythm Mobile Game developed and authorized by SEGA. With main scenarios fully voiced by famous Japanese voice actors, the characters are presented with 2D LIVE visuals interspersed with CG plots.
Players can not only have a great fun collecting splendid cards to unlock scenarios but also enjoy the music while leveling up the bonding with the characters and unlocking extra love stories by simply tapping on the marks along with the rhythm.
Come and interact with your favorite characters!!
Thunderbolt Fantasy, a mobile RPG based on Thunderbolt Fantasy and co-produced by Taiwanese and Japanese team, features an all-star cast of Japanese voice actors and actresses. With the same storyline as Thunderbolt Fantasy TV series and all the characters included, it brings you to the world of Thunderbolt Fantasy for a great adventure.
Let's start the journey now and we could all be heroes!
"Chester's Adventure" is a casual puzzle game in which you follow Chester the bear in exploring an exquisite hand-drawn world. Help Chester restore Laleille, and defeat the Lord of Chaos by solving jigsaw puzzles.
The most anticipated romantic mobile RPG of 2019 "A Chinese Ghost's Love Story II", brings you to a 360-degree HD oriental fantasy world along with Jolin Tsai. You could experience physically based rendering graphics, 10 difference character classes in different genders, diverse game systems, team battles, interesting social elements, and nourishing your babies and pets, all in "A Chinese Ghost's Love Story II. It's just the game for you!
"GLORY of CEPHEUS" comes with interesting battles and casual gameplay. You would find fishing grounds all over the continent of Cepheus and treasure sites all over the world. With avatar system, players could dress up in a unique way. There are 5 distinctive classes for players to choose from and to change to, and also 10-player raids which takes tacit understanding among the team. Do you dare to challenge?
"Dungeon of Despair" uses elemental magic as the main combat mode, real-time strategy, survival adventure, multi-person team battle dungeon innovation theme, open the mysterious underground palace to explore the journey!
Cute classic pixel style, nostalgic style, full of vivid personality, high freedom of play to make the adventure experience better; the opposite of the positive and evil plot around the main axis of the story, with the skillful use of various elements of magic in nature The main combat mode, using the environment's ingenuity to defeat the enemy!
The Japanese SLG mobile game "Z-Girls",which describes national military units by exquisite girl painting.This mobile game includes both military strategy and relationship building,let players enjoy conquering the challenges in the last days with girls.In terrible environment,where is full of Zombies,you must cultivate your girls and establish survival base to contend these invaders.In addition,players can use strategy to set up their military territory and compete with another players in the world.
Mr. Buddy joined iCan in November 2017 and made his debut on icantw.com in March 2018. Mr. Buddy, the blue bear who loves games and animation, participates actively in all kinds of charity events because of his warm personality and adorable appearance. He enjoys playing games and toys, watching movies and animations, reading comics and studying history in his free time.
Mr. Buddy claims that May 20, 2019 was his proudest day, as the exclusive song created by his favorite band and the music video was unveiled on that day.
"League of Angels M" is a fantasy turn-based RPG with beautiful graphics and procedurally-generated levels created by a senior art director who worked on GTA5. The game features a new dual-resource combat system that incorporates Roguelike and MOBA elements resulting in a truly unique and innovative RPG in the LoA universe.
"Cuisine Dimension" is a fantasy food adventure mobile game featuring anthropomorphic cuisine. It combines multiple characteristics including the grand extradimensional world view, gorgeous voice actresses, abundant strategy development elements, and various simulation systems. All the elements in "Cuisine Dimension" create a fantastic adventure story and bring you into the magic world full of food.
When the darkness invades the cuisine dimension, only those who do love delicacy can save the world, and that is you—"CHEF"!
With the sincere cooperation between Xiimoon and Rejet — A piece of Japanese Romance "Kengatoki" come along."Romantic Japanese Fantasy" Once by chance, you become the Princess of the "Oninomarukunituna". After the encounter with "Tokugawa Mitsukuni", a marvelous journey of reseizuring "Tenkagoken" starts from now on..."Real-Time Strategy+Match 3+Role Play" Simple operation, Stunning scenes, Gorgeous partners and romantic interactions..."Immersive Animation Series" With "Yomi", the key-animetor of "Kengakimi", and several Japanese A-list artists' wholeheated cooperation; moreover dozens of popular Japanese voice actors, including "Hanae Natsuki"'s performances...a fantastic journey awaits.
Lies, truths, and misunderstandings... Which of these men can you trust?"Have you been cheating on me?!"A breakup with your cheating boyfriend leads you......straight into the arms of ten gorgeous men?!But beware! Nine of these ten guys are no-good liars!Just you watch. I'll find Mr. Right.These liars don't stand a chance!
Diversified gameplay: adventure exploration, pet capture and domestication, construction system and collection system with a higher degree of freedom, and guild battles, allowing players to integrate into the world of origin planet freely! The powerful bionic technology synthesis skills in the game can make a breakthrough in the skill development of equipment and weapons. The game also incorporate Japanese elements into character design and dubbing, making you enjoy more detailed and cool special effects, as well as unprecedented beautiful high res graphics, sound effects and fluency.
〝I Have a Magic Pill〞 is a Chinese mythology-based role-playing mobile game, and also a H5 game. You will play as a paladin who is seeking the path of cultivation in the three realms. This game incorporates elements of Wuxia, Shenmo and Fantasy. In this amazing journey, you will get magic weapons and items to fight with different magical beasts, and make friends in the game to obtain the exclusive instance! Come to try this game, and you will find how interesting ‘’I Have a Magic Pill’’ is!
Dark fantasy text-based idle mobile game "Immortal:Reborn", make your character grow by fighting in idle battles and gain experience; over 40 classes and hundreds of skills are at your disposal for combinations of any skill sets you wish; collect legendary equipment and use the Rebirth system to become the beacon of hope for everyone!
"Lumia Saga", the most lighthearted MMORPG mobile game in 2020 spring, made its public debut in Taiwan on April 23rd. Apart from the cute appearance of the characters, the avatar system, which allows you for personalizing your own special outfit, is also the highlight in this game. Players will start from one of five classes to play as – Knight, Guardian, Mage, Scholar and Archer. After you begin your journey in this game, I promise you will find out how interesting the game is!
“Alchemy of God&Demon”is a traditional eastern themed 3D role play real time combat game. In this game, various rules lead players to experience real time intense competitions. Players can enroll different types of followers, can also collect all kinds of costumes and mounts. Unfolding the story, players act as a mystery man who traverse the world with incredible adventures. Players continuously trained and experienced, they gain improvement and growth through this wonderful journey.
The game truly presents the complete Legends of Nuanor, rich in race, geography, history, culture, and god beliefs. Different organizations and races are intertwined with each other and live in harmony in this fantasy world. Adventurers can equip their wings and experience unfettered flying; they can also dive into the deep sea to explore the dwellings of the mysterious Xi family. With this strong sense of immersion and a high degree of freedom, we wait for adventurers to discover and interpret their own stories.
Nindou MOBA is a free-to-play game and welcoming to all levels of players. Players join the game, fighting with opponents by using mysterious ninja skills. With its friendly interface, easy-to-follow guides, and its lovely characters and graphics, Nindou MOBA is truly a wonderful world full of pleasure. The game provides a fast tempo game-play so players can always finish a battle shortly. In other worlds, you can be a winner in a couple of minutes.
The most rebellious game of the year is coming!Sorry about that the ten even pumping don’t be transformed into thirty even pumping, and we don’t give you Zhuge Villager Similarly!However, there is the scenes of the Three Kingdoms Era reappear perfectly, and keep you away from rough Digital Collision!In the age of the Three Kingdoms Era which the heroes gathered, recruit the generals and the counselors to get the world.The multiple strategy is the test of your wisdom!Build city or aggress the others?Use tactics to contend the throne, and the National War just around the corner!Now, start your travel from scrap fortress!